Website Design & Website Development

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Now a days, Websites are the vital part of anything and everything and it gives you promising results only when computation gets smarter where it is infused well by H&D. Realizing the potential to reach remarkable levels of computer intelligence by H&D made most of our international clients to be with us.
Incredible website infrastructures are achieved by advanced analytics. Locate your domain with confidence and you will get sophisticated benefits from your web portal.

Responsive Web Design

Reaching mobile users is very essential in this business scenario as most people are browsing internet through mobiles. if website is not optimized for mobiles then you might lose your business – responsive websites are also important for search engine optimization (SEO). – we use latest responsive technologies to stay ahead of your competitors

Fast loading websites

If website takes time to load there is a chance that you might lose your customers – customers are not so patient to wait – we use latest technologies to make your site to perform lightening fast.

SEO Friendly

Nowadays people rely on search engines to get what they want – so its mandatory that your website comes in the first few results of the search engine results page. we employ  all the required optimizing metrics to make sure your website  SEO friendly.

E-Commerce (shopping cart) websites

Nowadays we see more people looking for products and services online to buy. so @ hammer and drummer we build sites that incorporate shopping carts and make sure your website is completely a e-commerce one so that you can take your business online using the highly secured payment gateways. if you want to upgrade your website to a e-commerce portal or want to develop a new ecommerce website then we provide the best online solutions.